Our Team

People at Computational Biology Department

Wojciech M. Karlowski


Group Leader, identification of non-coding RNAs, high-throughput analyses, genomics and functional annotation

Maciej Szymanski

Assistant Professor

RNA secondary structure predictions, catalytic RNAs, noncoding RNAs, origin and evolution of life

Marek Żywicki

Assistant Professor

Development of novel NGS-based applications and data analysis methods for research on RNA structure and processing.

Andrzej Zielezinski

Assistant Professor

Alignment-free sequence comparison methods, protein domains, biological databases and web applications

Karolina Kulak


tRNA, tRNA-seq library, Arabidopsis thaliana, PCR, RT-PCR, PAGE

Piotr Kopeć

PhD Student

association studies, QTL mapping, repeseed genomics, clubroot disease

Marianna Plucinska

PhD Student

Prediction, probing and dynamics of RNA secondary structure

Agnieszka Chelkowska

PhD Student

RNA structural motifs, riboswitches, structure probing, novel classes of small RNAs

Jan Kosinski

PhD Student

NGS data analysis, antibiotic resistance, bacterial genomics and transcriptomics

Agnieszka Rasinska

PhD Student

tRNA, tRNA-like, RNA structural motifs, gene organization, data visualization

Deepti Varshney

PhD Student

Bacteria, orphan gene, denovo gene, taxonomically-restricted gene, annotation artifacts

Anand Maurya

PhD Student

NGS data analysis, RNA seq, non-coding RNAs, pipelines and web app development

Marta Wysocka

PhD Student

miRNA, regulation of gene expression, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, RNA structure

Bartlomiej Pogodzinski

MSc Student

web development, machine learning, host prediction based on virus sequences

Natalia Kraszewska

MSc Student

Prediction of local functional RNA motifs, RNA secondary structure modeling

Monika Knaur

MSc Student

tRNA, thermodynamic analyses, bacteria, database, sequence clustering