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Computational Biology Department

We provide robust bioinformatics solutions for life sciences & medical research

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We are focused on exploration of molecular biology data with informatics & statistical tools.

Our group is developing new algorithms dedicated for global analysis of whole genomes as well as investigation of specific biological phenomenas.
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Application of computational methods and understanding of biological processes let us work on comparative, functional and evolutionary related projects on a global scale.

Web Tools

Creation & implementation of web based tools for biological sequence analysis.


New approaches to biological data processing & functional annotation of genetic elements.

Data Mining

Exploration of Next Generation Sequencing and microarray expression data.

Standalone Software

Development of biological-specific computer programs.

Biological Data Presentation

Interactive visualizations that provide endless customization possibilities.

Biology Research

Cooperative efforts to address fundamental biological questions.

Available Student Projects

If you have an interest in computational biology and you are searching for a semester project,
bachelor or master thesis just come & talk to us.

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Recent Work

We have worked on some inspiring projects that are worth boasting of.

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